Condominium Agents

Highland Associates are the agents for a significant number of Leeds Condominium Corporations in Brockville. As agents we perform property management functions for condo owners under the direction of each condominium’s Board of Directors which include;

  • Condo fee collection
  • Creation of annual budgets
  • Financial statements
  • Insurance contracts
  • Building maintenance contracts
  • Preventative maintenance contracts
  • Organization of Annual General Meetings
  • Securing fire and safety annual monitoring contracts
  • Supporting the board in dealing with the rules and regulations of the corporation
  • Preparation of Status Certificates
  • Working under direction of the boards in dealing with all aspects of running a Condominium Corporation

 Highland Associates Fees are competitive.

Rental Properties

A professional and systematic approach to property management is the foundation for the successful operation of a rental income property. Highland Associates act as an agent for numerous landlords providing the following management services.

Tenant Management

  • Develop and submit advertising for vacancies
  • Show units to prospective tenants
  • Screening of tenant applications
  • Perform credit, reference and landlord checks
  • Prepare and finalize all lease agreements
  • Provide legally required notices to tenants regarding lease renewals, rental increases, eviction notices and collection notices
  • Ensure the tenant is aware of the rules and regulations of the property
  • Deal with tenants on behalf of the owner on all matters related to the property


  • Provide 24/7 on call services
  • Arrange for qualified contractors, solicit bids for necessary work, inspect maintenance upon work completion
  • Conduct periodic on-site inspections of the property
  • Recommend maintenance as required 
  • Landscaping and snow plow contracting in conjunction with landlord

Administration and Accounting

  • Collect or receive all rents monthly
  • Pay routine, pre-approved operating expenses out of rental receipts
  • Liaise with owner for approval on any out of the ordinary expense
  • Maintain an accurate account of receipts and disbursements, providing the owner with a detailed monthly accounting statement
  • Annually complete a year-end financial statement and attach all monthly receipts, providing landlords a package for their tax completion.
  • Disburse rental revenues to owner
  • Retain paralegal representation on behalf of the landlord for landlord/tenant review board hearings

Highland Associates fees are competitive and are tied directly to the gross monthly rental revenues that our clients receive. Accordingly, our interests are clearly tied to promoting the interests of the owner.